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Marketing Funnels

If you're a consultant, it won't be long before you're talking about marketing funnels. Now, what is a marketing funnel? A marketing funnel is simply a process where somebody markets you and gets you to take small steps that work you closer and closer and farther and farther down their funnel till you accept their product.

Let me give you an example. I may send something to you and say, "Hey, would you like a free booklet on The 28 Steps to Becoming the Best Consultant? It's absolutely free." You say, "Yes, I'd like to have that." You give me your email address and now you're in my funnel because I have your email address.

The next thing I might do is I might say, "Well, if you like that book, by the way, we have, for $49, a six-audio series you can download on The Steps to Starting a Consultant Practice." You say, "Well, that sounds good. I'll take that, too." Then, I might say, "Why don't you attend our seminar for $395, and why don't you become a client for $1,000 a month?"

You work people down the funnel, they can stop anywhere they want to. Now, a funnel can be too long so they lose interest, and a funnel can be too short so they don't gain interest quickly enough. When you set your marketing, make sure you talk to somebody that knows funnels and decide with you how to create the right funnel to market your business, because if you do, you'll be very successful as a consultant.

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