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Already Doing Well

Here's an epiphany. If you're thinking about becoming a consultant, you would naturally think this, "Who needs a consultant, a business consultant?" Well, if you're not doing well in business, you're not growing, you're stagnant, if you don't have enough money, then you need a consultant. That's exactly the opposite of what actually happens.

I'll tell you who joins consultancies. Your clients are going to be people who are already doing well that want to do even better. They have spendable income. They have decision-making power. They like the fact that they're doing well. They get their taste of success. They want more.

I will tell you that after over 40 years of consulting and teaching other people to be consultants, I have always found it to be true that the areas that sign up the most people are those areas where they already have a good practice or a good business, and want to do even better. Always go after that cream of the crop, the low-hanging fruit, the people that are already doing well because they will love you and they do well under your consultant's guidance. Thanks for listening.

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