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The Internet

Okay. We've been talking about how to do consulting. You can do it one on one, you can do seminar based consulting, or you can do internet-based consulting. One-on-one-based consulting is a little bit of an old style and I'd resort to that as a last resort. Seminar-based consulting is fun, but I'll tell you that the best type of consulting is probably the internet if it suits you. Here's the case, if you have a little fear of public speaking, then you don't want to do seminars.

If you don't want to do one-on-one because it's an old style and if you have a certain amount of knowledge on the internet and boosting your rankings on the internet and how to use webinars and things like that, then you'll want to go into webinar-based consulting. I'll tell you that's the fastest growing one right now. Make sure that if you have the opportunity to do internet consulting, you take advantage of it. Very low barrier to entry and you'll do really well as an internet-based consultant.

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