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Seminar Based Consulting

You know there are three types of consulting. There's one-on-one consulting, there's seminar-based consulting, and there's internet-based consulting. Well, I like seminar-based consulting about as well as any of them, and here's why, because you can grow your business very quickly. Basically, you advertise and give a seminar in your area. You tell them, "Come, and we'll teach you how to build your business," and then, when they come, you sign them up as clients, and you work with them, you, their consultant, they, the client. It works really well. I want you to think about what type of consulting you'd like to do, one-on-one, seminar-based, or webinar-based. I'm a fan of seminar-based, but I do all of them equally when we teach people. Think about it, decide which one you would be best at, and then start consulting.

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