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Part-Time VS. Full-Time

Here's a consideration you have to take in mind if you're going to become a consultant and that's this, do you want to start out full-time or do you want to start out part-time? Now, I'll tell you that most consultants start out part-time. They have a full-time job, it's very successful, they say, "I want to be a consultant," and so they start out part-time. There's certainly nothing wrong with getting started full-time.

If you are now fully retired, or if you say "I feel it's time to exit this profession," and you want to go full-time into consulting, you have the finances to stay with it for a few months till you build up a client load, then go full-time. I'll tell you most commonly, people start out as part-time consultants to their profession, and then quickly move to full-time as they become successful. Start out part-time and you will find that you won't fall on, you'll be very successful and a full-time consultant.

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