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One-On-One Consulting

Did you know there are three main types of consulting? There's one-on-one consulting, there's seminar-based consulting, and there's internet-based consulting.

Now, one-on-one-based consulting is a consulting style that's a little older. It was done from 1950 to about 1980 where you go into a company and say, "I see your problem, I have a solution for you. Here it is," and you work one-on-one. It's not the best one to use because it's not scalable. You have to work with one client at a time, but if you don't like to do internet consulting and don't like to give seminars, then one-on-one is for you and you'll do a great job doing one-on-one consulting. You've got to get your name out there, find the right companies, sign them up, and you'll be on your way to a successful consultancy.

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