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Good Area In State

It stands for reason that if you're going to do consulting, you want to go into a state that's doing well, that that profession is doing well in that state, but there's more to that than just going to the right state. You have to go to the right areas in the right state. Let me give you an example. When I first started doing some consulting, I used Denver as one of our bases, Denver Colorado, but it didn't grow like all the other areas that we had going on in the United States.

Finally, we sat down and we said, "This is a similar base consulting. Most people drive to this, but nobody crosses a continental divide, so nobody's going to come from the west." If you go to the east, it's Western Nebraska and Western Kansas, and I'm from that area, so I'm not against them, but there's just nobody living out there. We just didn't have a draw. In fact, when we looked at our statistics, we found out we had more people coming from Dallas and Fort Worth area to Denver than we did from the Denver, Colorado area. We moved down to Dallas, Fort worth. It was a hotspot in that state and we did great, and we used that center for years and years as a center for our seminar-based consulting.

When you go, find the best state, but also find the hotspot in each state.

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