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Go Somewhere That Needs You

Now if you're thinking about becoming a consultant, you have to decide what area to go into, and I will suggest that you go into an area with a need. If you don't have a need, they don't need a consultant.

Let me give you an example. It would seem like the medical profession, consulting medical doctors would be an excellent place to go, but here's the problem. They don't have a need for consultants. Most of them are employees of a hospital system. First of all, they're not on their own. Secondly, they have more new patients and they know what to do with them. It's two months before you get in to see them. They don't need a consultant telling them how to get new patients, or how to build their business. That's all taken care of for them.

Now, take the mental health therapists like a psychologist on the other hand. A lot of them look for new patients on a regular and ongoing basis. That would be a great group to consult with, the mental health therapists in the United States.

When you think about it, think about going to a profession that has a need for growth. You'll do really well as a consultant.

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