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Decision Maker

When you're thinking about who you want to consult, you want to make sure that you consult a decision-maker. Let me give you a story. I developed software that helped take daily notes for healthcare professionals. I released it first to chiropractors and it went well. We sold $104,000 worth in the third month we were open, and we were only selling a $395 product. We'd go to a seminar or to a state association, put up a booth, and show the product. This chiropractor would say, "This is a great product. How much is it? $395? Why don't you give me one? In fact, I got two adjusting rooms, why don't you give me two of this software?"

We said, "This is going great. Let's now move to physical therapists because they do about the same thing, musculoskeletal. They have several visits. They have them come in several visits." We went to the physical therapists, we set up at their seminar, and then some physical therapists would come to the booth and we would show them the software. They'd say, "This is great. I can really see how this would work. You know what, next year in June, there's a requisition meeting and I'm going to study this, and I'm going to turn it into requisition. I can't buy it myself but I'm going to see if I can get the hospital to buy this for me."

For $395, we can chase someone around for just $395. We didn't reach the decision maker. As a result, it was successful for chiropractors, not successful for physical therapists. If you're going to sign people up to be in your consultancy and you want clients, make sure you're talking to the decision maker so that you make some headway. Talk to the decision maker, you'll be an excellent successful consultant.

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