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Adequate Numbers

When you decide what profession to consult, you have to make sure that there are adequate numbers. Let me give you an example, the medical profession. They don't need a consultant too badly but have plenty of numbers, million medical doctors in the United States. Now, let's go to mental health therapists, 700,000 in the United States, and at least 350,000 in private practice. Plenty of numbers.

Now, let's stay with the healthcare profession, and let's go to chiropractors, 70,000, is still enough. Active realtors, 2 million, plenty. Podiatrists, 17,000. Now, if you're giving a seminar, especially if you're seminar based, 17,000 isn't enough to attract enough people into one area unless they fly in, and most of them will only drive. When you pick a profession, make sure that you have enough people in that profession, in the area you're going to market that you'll be successful. Get the numbers right and you'll be a very successful consultant.

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