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Adequate Income

When you're looking for whom you should consult, one of the things you have to consider is that they have adequate income. They have to have spendable income because those are the people most likely to join a consultancy.

Let me give you an example. I was in the healthcare profession for a long time as a consultant, and I did chiropractors. I consulted chiropractors. I would charge them $595 a month for a three-year contract. It went well. We made a lot of money. Then I went to mental health therapists, very much similar to this, same thing, more of them so I had more of an audience, but they don't have near as much expendable income


As a result, I could only charge $295 a month for a three-year contract. $595 a month, $295 a month. The huge difference is all because of the difference in expendable income and the spendable income that they had. When you go into consulting, make sure that you know they have income available for you as a consultant. If you do that, you'll be very successful as a consultant.

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